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Previously: Ph.D. student in Environmental and Evolutionary Biology at the Istc-CNR Unit of Cognitive Primatology & Primate Center


Short bio

I am a Ph.D. student in Environmental and Evolutionary Biology, curriculum Anthropology, at the University of Rome "Sapienza". Since 2009, I collaborated with the UCP for my Bachelor and Master thesis on the capacity of delaying gratification in captive capuchin monkeys (Cebus [Sapajus] apella). For my PhD I'm studying risk propensity in capuchin monkeys, children and adult human subjects. I am a member of the Italian Primatological Association since 2010 and I participated in several international congresses.

I am also interested in science communication and in March 2013 I won a regional selection of Famelab-Italy, an international competition for young scientists with the talent of communication, promoted worldwide by the British Council. See the video here.

Research interests

I am interested in primate behavior, cognition and evolution. In particular my work focuses on some aspects of decision-making, delay of gratification and risk propensity in non-human primates, children and human subjects.


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